Awaken The Nations Ministries - "Return to me, that I may return to you"  Zechariah 1:3

DECEMBER 8, 2015

“Bishop, many, many were set free, and many were added to the church, you are such a blessing to our church".  

"Praise the Lord, Bishop!  I thank God for the explosive anointing that took place on high volume: miracles, signs, wonders, healing took place at a high volume; many sick people were healed in Jesus name".

"A man testified that he was not hearing from the left ear, and had a lot of pain in the ear.  When Bishop was praying, his popped and now he can hear again in Jesus name"!

"A man and women were separated for three years, and the man received prayer and the Lord reunited them again, and they gave testimony in the church!"

"My uncle was healed after a long battle with pneumonia!"

"My church was blessed with new members after what God has done it was heard everywhere within the villages, and many were set free from different problems!"

"One woman whose son lost his job in Nairobi, but when Bishop prayed the woman reported to the church that her son now has a new job, and his mother is rejoicing for what God has done!"

"One woman came before God because she was unable to pay the loan of KSH 25,000 (USD 275.00). After you prayed the loan was paid last week by an individual on her behalf!"

"Another woman was set free from alcohol, cigarets, beer, and was set free after giving her life to Jesus Christ, and she is now serving God happily"!

"Bishop we please request that you come and preach a Revival Conference for five days"!